Meet Sue Galloway

Regular visitors to the SSE Reward Lounge at The SSE Hydro will recognise her face but for those who don’t, this is Sue Galloway who has led our team of SSE Energisers at The SSE Hydro since the venue opened its doors on 30 September 2013 – and she has not missed a single event! That’s in excess of 500 events, and as such we thought it was time to catch up with Sue to mark this milestone and find out what it’s like behind the scenes at the SSE Reward Desk!

Q: Working every event night there has been at The SSE Hydro – that’s an impressive title to hold! How does it feel?
A: Generally, it is not something I have thought about but when you put it like that it does sound pretty impressive. Working at The SSE Hydro seems less like work and more like an experience every time we have an event. I feel very fortunate to be part of the world’s 2nd largest footfall venue, we have some of the most talented acts in the world come through our doors and I have been lucky enough to have been at the venue every evening to see that.

Q: What is your most memorable event at The SSE Hydro?
A: When Adele played I managed to pop in for 5 mins and the whole place was on their feet, people crying, couples holding hands, and there was such an amazing atmosphere it was quite surreal. There have been many more moments, too many to pick from.

Q: Who would you be most excited to see perform at The SSE Hydro?
A: It would be amazing if Stevie Wonder played SSE Hydro, I have asked many people that same question and many have come back with same answer as me! Hopefully one day.

Q: What is your favourite part of the job?
A: I love all of my job and there is nothing like being able to help a guest or upgrade them and to see their faces when we manage to help them in any sort of way. We have had guests burst in to tears and cuddle us, hand in chocolates and thank you cards. It is so rewarding to make guests happy and have them leave The SSE Hydro feeling as though they have had the best experience.
SSE Hydro is a very special place to me and I think that it is fantastic that the sponsor, SSE, works so closely with their customers.


Thanks Sue, it’s been great to hear from you and it certainly sounds like it’s been an interesting few years! All that’s left to say from us is a big thank you for all your hard work!

Sue and the SSE Energisers are the friendly face of SSE in The SSE Hydro who provide a warm welcome to the venue. They are on hand to guide you through your SSE Reward experience, from checking in to our lounges to answering any questions you might have about your SSE Reward benefits. To find out more about SSE Reward, visit ssereward.com.


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